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The Crash Champions Skills Training Education Program (STEP), is a hands-on apprenticeship program recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. We connect aspiring collision repair professionals with unprecedented training opportunities alongside experienced and certified professionals across the country.

As a paid STEP Apprentice, you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation in a field where certified technicians regularly earn more than $100,000 annually.




STEP is a four-stage skills-based auto body apprenticeship program tailored to train aspiring professionals with the skills and knowledge to gain industry certification.


Apprentices can complete the program in about 12 months - based on the pace of content mastery and skills proficiency.


The STEP apprenticeship is backed by proven industry curriculum and students will graduate with I-CAR training and welding certification.


Top Crash Champions collision repair technicians earn more than $100,000 annually^

^ Based on 2023 Crash Champions earnings data

The top

OF Crash Champions
technicians earn more than
$100,000 annually


Complete each of the four STEP Stages to graduate and earn I-CAR welding certification. Each step requires about 8-12 weeks of training alongside your STEP mentor.

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Stage 1: Rookie

Lay a strong foundation with unprecedented hands-on experience, beginning with the fundamentals of vehicle disassembly and developing a successful repair plan.

Skills you will learn include: proven methods to create a complete repair plan, vehicle disassembly and reassembly, plastic bumper repair, and minor panel dent repair


Stage 2: Novice

Build on your fundamental repair techniques and repair planning skills while advancing to moderate collision damage.

Skills you will learn include: how to repair more complex dents by working and reshaping sheet metal, application of body filler, and advancing to two-sided plastic repair. Apprentices also learn the basics of structural damage identification and how to access repair procedures.


Stage 3: Advanced

An introduction to frame measuring and diagnostics - including proper setup and three-dimensional measuring while advancing to more complex body repairs.

Skills you will learn include: properly setup and anchor structural repairs, as well as three dimensional measuring of the vehicle structure, all while advancing metal repair techniques to include larger panel damage. Lastly, learning the various methods of welding/joining materials and tools.


Stage 4: Champ

Fine-tune skills by completing larger and more complex repairs, involving cutting and replacing outer body panels while also mastering repairs across the full lifecycle. Stage 4 also serves as the capstone to I-CAR Welding certification.

Skills you will learn include: fine-tuning body filler and metal repairs, with the addition of stud-gun and other metal straightening tools and techniques. These repairs will be coupled with cutting and replacing small structural components. Lastly, honing skills for the proper setup and techniques for MIG welding on steel vehicles, to complete I-CAR welding certification.

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STEP Apprenticeship Locations

Crash Champions is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting brands in the collision repair industry. This means we also have a growing lineup of repair centers offering the STEP apprenticeship program. Apply today to connect with a local team.



The collision repair industry is primed for growth and opportunity. In fact, demand is high for skilled professionals seeking a lucrative and secure career path.

That’s why we built the STEP apprenticeship program - to develop your skills and get you into a rewarding career sooner without college debt.